Projects and Travels

Ndebele 2014

We just returned from the Ndebele Village continuing our on going projects to support the Ndebele people and their culture. Oupa, who is our Ndebele translator, once again joined us on this trip.

Tibet 2014

I have always been fascinated by the Tibetan culture and have always had a dream to do my part in preserving it and bringing it to the Western World.

I took my trip in May-June 2014, A contact of mine took me to a village outside of Lhasa where there are mostly old people. Young people went to Lhasa and other parts of China to find work. The Village women with whom I wanted to start my project were very reserved about my ideas. The village women were not keen to have photographs of them, concerned that people from other cultures would have no respect and would “step on them”. Older women also believed that taking a photo would steel their spirit. Only after a few days with them did they start becoming more open with me. They collected old Tibetan bags and together we used these to make necklaces.

I am happy that I seeded this project in Tibet and I will return soon to continue with my project, supporting the elderly women in the village.

Ndebele 2012

The Ndebele people that I work with are situated about 90 kilometres north of Pretoria, South Africa, in so called “Ndebele Land” They also have a small beading school with orphans learning the art and traditional beading.